A new Hifi brand, TMAUDIO, has been launched, coming from the Milan Design District of Lambrate. They are launching with the TMAUDIO Naked and Deca Loudspeaker Collections.


TMAUDIO combines the vision of the CEO and Founder of tagMa, Marco Tagliaverga, and the know-how and technical experience of  Italian audio designer, Alberto Bellino.

TMAUDIO Naked and Deca Loudspeaker Collections

The TMAUDIO Deca One slim loudspeaker


TMAUDIO is launching its first collections of speakers: Naked and Deca. Naked features TMAUDIO’s exclusive Full Sinecap technology and includes the JEM66 La Purista floorstanders (4,199€) and JEM56 LaPurista standmount (2,999€) The Deca collection includes speakers that measure just 10cm in width. Its flagship product, Deca One, is designed to fit into smaller rooms and to also be ‘an extraordinary piece of furniture’. It is priced at 1,999€. The speakers are entirely made in Italy.

TMAUDIO Naked and Deca Loudspeaker Collections

TMAUDIO Naked collection JEM56 LaPurista

TMAUDIO Naked and Deca Loudspeaker Collections


“With TMAUDIO a dream came true: our desire was to combine Design, Sound and Knowledge. TMAUDIO comes from the passion for beauty and our wish to excite the public” says Marco Tagliaverga, CEO and founder of TMAUDIO.

TMAUDIO Naked and Deca Loudspeaker Collections

TMAUDIO Deca One is only 10cm in width

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