French loudspeaker maker Triangle have announced a gaggle of subwoofers which the company says successfully blend performance and compactness.

Thetis & Tales subwoofers feature 21 and 25cm drivers, with long throw enabling a frequency response as low as 25Hz. The cabinets have been specially designed in order to remove vibrations and avoid distortion.

The subwoofers are equipped with class D amplifiers of 150 to 250 RMS (400W peak) for a deep and tight low register rarely seen in such compact subwoofers. The stereo RCA inputs enable you to adjust the crossover on your subwoofer with a frequency roll-off ranging from 30Hz to 120Hz for an optimal balance of your system.

The Thetis series also offer an LFE input leaving the crossover function to your home-theatre amplifier, as well as high-level inputs for amplifiers with no “subwoofer” output. The subwoofers include the following features: volume control, cut-off frequency, phase switch and automatic standby. The Thetis models feature an LED display indicating the sound level and all is controlled via the remote.


The Thetis 320 subwoofer has a closed cabinet, equipped with an 10” driver with half roll suspension. In order to reduce vibrations, the cabinet has been carefully designed with ingeniously placed internal reinforcements.thetis320-2

Equipped with a class D amplifier of 250-watt RMS and 400 watt peak power it also features a remote control and a sound level indicator on the front panel so you can adjust the subwoofer.


The Thetis 280 subwoofer also has a closed cabinet but is equipped with an 8.25” driver with half roll suspension and with a class D amplifier of 150-watt RMS and 250 watt peak power.thetis280-3


Tales 340 offers a reasonably priced subwoofer with “great performance improving your system in terms of punch and dynamics”. This subwoofer is equipped with a 10” driver with half roll suspension and a class D amplifier of 200-watt RMS (350-watt peak power). tales340-2



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