For this year’s Munich High-End show, French brand Trinnov has teamed up with several renowned audio manufacturers. To showcase the power of the Trinnov Altitude as a hifi preamp and it’s possibilities when it comes to bi/tri/quad-amplification, they have picked a longtime collaborator and elite speaker brand Bohne audio from Germany. They will complement the Trinnov Altitude with a complete package using their B12/18 speakers with an additional two 18” subs.

Building on the success of last year, they will again stream high-resolution content through Roon and showcase how the high fidelity streaming solution is integrated into Trinnov products and how the playback experience would be benefitted from a high quality digital playback system.

They also wanted to promote the work of their friends at MSM studio who are pioneers in creating high-resolution audio content. To do so, they have invited Stefan Bock of MSM to give a presentation including the most recent album of Alessandro Quarta in Pure Audio format.

Trinnov went on to tell us: “But we are not only focused into the digital world and know how beautifully vinyl can sing on a well-tuned tuned system. At this years Munich High-End, we will also play some carefully selected vinyl on an Origin Live turntable with marching tonearm through an AS Audiospecials preamp. Finally, the Munich show would not be complete without a glimpse of the future  and the state of research, so we will also present you our latest project in Object-based audio via Trinnov R&D engineer Benjamin Duval who has been working  on the European Project Orpheus for us”.

Trinnov will be in Atrium 4.2 – F203

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