TRINNOV Audio recently announced the appointment of Jon Herron to the newly-created position of Director of North American Sales. Herron will support Trinnov’s existing Multichannel business and expand their High End Audio business in North America.trinnov8pic

Jon Herron brings over 40 years experience in the consumer electronics industry, with a focus on high performance audio and video. Over his career, he has worked in both small and large retail operations, as a manufacturers’ representative, and as a manufacturer. Jon helped define and build the Wisdom Audio brand as its VP of Sales since 2006. At Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Jon was both communications director and product development manager for Mark Levinson, Proceed, and other brands. As the director of sales and marketing of Snell Acoustics, Jon directed the company’s efforts into the home theatre business in the early 1990s, and participated in the launch of Home THX with Lucasfilm. His unique combination of technical expertise and sales experience make him a perfect match for the sophisticated technologies found in Trinnov products. Jon has degrees in both economics and religion from Dartmouth College.

“I am excited to join such a strong team, and a company with such extraordinary products,” says Jon Herron. “The Altitude32 is the only consumer product that decodes all the major 3D audio formats and  render those formats to more than just 12 discrete channels.”

“With regard to the High End portion of the Trinnov lineup,” Herron continued, “it is the perfect solution for the many people who still listen mostly to two-channel music. Imagine having all the power of the Optimizer and Remapping technologies in your high end music system.”

“I’m excited to see Jon joining our team to share his highly respected experience with high end audio products and sales in the US. Jon is not only an expert in highly technical products, but he understands equally well the traditional 2ch hifi market and the custom installation market which is the ideal combination to support Trinnov high-end product range across North Americas.,” says Arnaud Laborie, CEO, Trinnov Audio.


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