Trinnov Audio unveils its first home theatre processor with 32 individual channels. Trinnov Magnitude 32 features Trinnov Optimizer technology, providing digital room correction and unique Image Remapping that adapts the original media soundscape to the actual loudspeaker placements. Magnitude 32 handles any home theatre project from “classic” 7.1 to installations with multiple subwoofers, individually driven surrounds and multi-amplified speakers.

Key Features

  • Analog output: 8 channels (XLR) expendable to 12, 16, 24 or 32 channels (Sub-D25)
  • Analog inputs: 8 channels (XLR) expendable to 12 or 16 channels (Sub-D25)
  • High performance audio: 64-bit floating point processing and 119dBA AD/DA converters.
  • Trinnov Optimizer Algorithm with:
    • Multi-point measurement of all loudspeakers,
    • Time-frequency analysis: the loudspeakers and the room are separately equalized
    • Automatic optimization of the amplitude and phase response according to Target Curves
    • Intelligent active crossovers: automatic alignment of delays and gains for every driver
    • Image Remapping to adapt the original media soundscape to the actual loudspeaker layout.
  • Easy and accurate setup with comprehensive graphs and fine tuning tools.
  • Control via Ethernet network, RS-232, KVM, smartphone/tablet or optional IR module.


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