The people at Quadraspire have a great little tool to show you how their big stuff works.

How you site your equipment is an essential part of system synergy. Quadraspire are passionate about sound quality and have spent a long time developing their racks to enhance the performance of your system. They regularly demonstrate this at shows by moving a HiFi component from one rack to the next in a live demonstration, a very effective way to hear how their racks perform and pretty quick too.

These kind of demonstrations are easier at shows as they have been set up to show the difference, it is not always as practical in a shop environment, the next best thing would be to try it at home. However, it is very easy for a shop to loan most equipment or cabling to try at home but when it comes to the likes of equipment supports it can be a different matter. By their very nature, they have a physical presence, and though modular, it is not overly practical.

So what better way to try a rack or racks at home than a product that mimics a rack, and it is small compact and easy to carry and hassle free to set up, enter the QPlus Demo Case

The QPlus Demo Case is a way of demonstrating the performance of their 3 ranges of racks without having to take them home, as simple as that.

Each set (of 4) of QPlus in the case has a performance link to its rack counterpart – want to hear an XReference then try the QPlus Reference under the feet of your piece of equipment.

The same as Quadraspire would do at a show you can do the same thing at home without a lot of the fuss. It is usually best tried on a source component for effect but amplifiers can also benefit.

There are a handful of UK dealers currently carrying the QPlus Demo Case for you to try. Full details can be found on the Quadraspire website.

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