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Aequo Audio has announced two more loudspeaker models extending the current product family at both ends of the price range, with the GLADIUM: a more affordable fully passive 3-way, and D I L U V I UM as the newly redesigned outcome for Aequo’s production of the “ultimate flagship loudspeaker.”


The Gladium will be the first fully passive model to be offered by Aequo Audio. The bigger volume of the cabinet ensures deep frequency extension without the use of ARPEC™ seen in Aequo’s compact hybrid speaker portfolio. Solid construction with double 30mm baffle, state-of-the-art driver-technology and advanced material choices clearly make it a full bred addition to the Aequo Audio stable, says the Dutch company’s recent press release. All three super-fast and very low distortion drivers are directly derived from Ensis and Stilla such as the 10 inch subwoofer (Ensis) and EHDL™ tweeter system for a “big soundstage and holographic imaging”. Made especially for larger hifi-systems, it’s going to deliver the true emotional musical message to even more living rooms around the globe, they continue.


“Developed as a hallmark of Aequo Audio’s capabilities and pioneering new levels of what’s possible in all aspects of Octagon philosophy for ultimate sound reproduction” is how Aequo announce the DILUVIUM. After prototyping the 2017 design and evaluating it following the credo ‘form follows function’, the designers of Aequo Audio brought all data back to the drawing board and developed a new cabinet construction allowing new and larger, front-firing subwoofers of 13 and 11 inch, as well as a single new optimum upper-bass driver of 8 inch, all in closed enclosure and individually controlled by ARPEC™ systems and actively powered by the latest Ncore technology. The company say that “each motor, suspension and membrane perfected to the smallest detail, mounted in a zero-resonance cabinet that allows time alignment of all drivers to the millimetre.”


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