Today, Baltimore’s Us and Us Only share the video for their debut album’s title track. “Full Flower” captures the band in an intimate, live setting with CLRVYNT praising their “moody, heartfelt indie rock that’s catchy, weird, and refreshing.”

Full Flower is out out July 14 via Topshelf Records. Listen to the album’s lead single, “Bored of Black” which Stereogum calls “sleepy and plaintive in a way that sounds assured.”

Us and Us Only formed as a trio in Baltimore around 2009. After self-releasing four EPs that vary between acoustic arrangements to a warped vision of indie rock that features chopped and sampled vocals alongside more dense and distorted soundscapes, the band has settled into a groove that manages to distill all of those sounds into their first LP entitled Full Flower.

Full Flower is an exercise in letting the light in – the result of a band exploring sonic space throughout its thirteen tracks, weaving smaller, more production intensive vignettes into the larger fabric of Us and Us Only’s trademark see-sawing dynamics. In allowing its home in bedroom ambiance to work in harmony with high fidelity studio prowess, Full Flower is a rock album viewed through the morning haze of half-open eyes.

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