CALLING PUNKS OF ALL AGES! Gather your favourite pair of pogo-worn Doc Martins, best ripped, studded and patch covered denim jacket and slick up that Mohawk, because punks not dead and the 111 track long Action Time Vision Boxset is here to remind us of that. So get on board or get left behind! Still not sure? Well I have been lucky enough to get my anarchy loving paws on the boxset to review it, so let’s dive in!

With four discs of pogo perfect tracks and varied artists from all over the genre, this boxset could not have been more up my street if it tried and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a bit punk in their lives. The added bonus of the 64 page long reference booklet is also fantastic, as it meant that any time I came across an artist or song that I didn’t know or recognise I had all the info I could want to start diving into their style of punk straight away in the palm of my hands. That is… once I stopped pogo-ing of course!action-time-vision-punk-box-600x808

I often find that with many compilations today they tend to rely on the biggest names in a genre to fill an album, which often means that if a younger enthusiast, like myself, comes along they can get a very tunnel visioned view of the genre. But no risk of that here! This boxset did what I wish a lot of them would do now, and that is let you properly get a flavour for the genre from a variety of artists AND give you enough info to then go and discover more on your own.

Whether you are just getting into the genre or you are a veteran of all things anarchic, I would highly recommend this boxset as it perfect companion for any punk rocker!

Lauren Coombes

I know Lauren has done her review of this album but I wanted to add my twopenneth as this is an important record, celebrating as it does forty years of when punk first exploded onto the scene, changing the world of music forever.

This is a pretty exhaustive and in-depth overview of the punk scene that has a good few classics on there, as well as a few more obscure numbers. Opening with The Damned’s New Rose sets the scene for what is to come on Action Time Vision (the tune by Alternative TV is also included of course) with other well known tunes like SLF’s Suspect Device, Angelic Upstarts The Murder Of Liddle Towers (Tom Robinson also covered this killing at the hands of the police with his tune Blue Murder, though it’s not on here of course) and loads more.

Incendiary, dangerous and of course of its time, but rest assured the spirit of this first wave of punk is still well alive up and down the country and around the world, and whilst plastic punk bands are getting airplay and appealing to edgier teenyboppers, there are still real bands playing real music all over the place.

Punk’s Not Dead and this is where it all began.


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