UK based Veracity Audio’s Mystra is a dual mono design with dual DAC architecture. The dedicated 24bit dual mono, multi-bit conversion handles PCM files without sample rate change and the stand-alone ∆Σ DAC/reconstruction filter offers playback of DSD64 and DSD128 natively without digital processing. The DAC features auto-switching with incoming signal file format, directing DSD to the DSD reconstruction filter and PCM to the parallel PCM only DAC. Both engines share only the SE triode valve analogue stage on a ‘one-at-a-time’ basis.1-Mystra DAC blk angle Cr

To match the output of the DAC to any pre or integrated amplifier the DAC is equipped with an analogue volume control designed with non-inductive resistors controlled by relays, with only two resistors in the signal path at any level and R2R shunt operation. For digital-only systems, this volume control can facilitate direct connection to power amplifiers. Volume control and input selector operation can be remote controlled with the custom, handmade handset.

A jitter rejection system for SPDIF inputs is employed with a quad differential receiver for use with a CD transport and any other compatible signal source.

Line preamplifier function is offered for external analogue source to directly use the DACs triode valve stage as an active preamplifier with R2R volume control. Analogue input is via a pair of RCAs whilst output is via RCA and XLR.

Mystra features a Headphone output for 32Ω – 300Ω headphones.

The valve analogue output stage operates in pure Class A. It is a single ended triode design without negative feedback.

Low impedance, high current drive audio outputs are connected directly from the valves through Jensen Copper foil audio capacitors to a stereo pair of RCA single-ended and a pair of XLR passively balanced analogue outputs. Both output types are coherent with any amplifier input with RCA`s 209Ω and XLR`s 600Ω output impedance.1-Mystra DAC rear panel

The valve stage consists of a pair of 6SN7 signal drivers, a pair of ECC82 output drivers and a pair of CV574 full-wave valve rectifiers.

Veracity Audio has separated out the digital and analogue power supplies and also the left and right channels. Strictly linear, ultra low noise power supplies were designed, each for the specific application including internal power supply for the USB interface. All power supplies are capable of high current delivery and feature separate power rails with dedicated decoupling for each individual power consumer. Multiple choke filters system and ultra low impedance film and organic polymer capacitors are used to provide the purest power flow possible. The DAC also features a built-in, selected Schurter mains filter.

Mystra DAC is equipped with Soft start, giving the time for the valves to warm-up. During this warm-up time signal outputs are muted with the Audio comes-on automatically after 70 seconds.

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