Convert Technologies got in touch to tell us about their new Android app that allows you to record vinyl records straight to your mobile phone.

Covert told us: “The Vinyl Recorder app lets you enjoy your beautiful physical collection with all the simplicity and convenience of your digital collection. The app is built from the same software as our award-winning Plato range, software that has been built over the course of four years and is sold across the world”.

The app is currently only available on Android though you can sign up on the Convert Technologies website for notification of when the iOS version will be available.

So how does it work? The Convert team told us more: “Put the needle on your record, tap the red dot, and let the app take care of everything else. After a few seconds, our integrated Gracenote look-up service will identify the song from an online database. Then, this information, including artist name, song title, album title, album artwork, and genre tags, will be added to the song’s file. You don’t need to worry about editing anything. Your music will be recorded as 16-bit 48k FLAC files. Once Vinyl Recorder has finished converting your music, you’ll be able to listen back to it. The songs will be available in both the app’s music library, and the library on your phone. You can take it with you wherever you go. You can listen to the digital version of your vinyl collection in your car, in the gym, or at work – all places you probably shouldn’t be taking your turntable”.

Vinyl Recorder is free to download from the Google Play store. You’ll need a USB turntable to play your record on, and an adapter cable to connect the turntable to your phone. To check the sound quality, you get a 30 second clip of each song for free. Pay for your songs via in-app credits, from less than 12p per song. Convert say: “It’s cheaper than buying a second copy of your music in a digital format”.





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