German speaker manufacturer Visaton has announced the launch of a very special loudspeaker kit for the UK market. This Anglo-German project has been strongly influenced by classic speaker designs of the “golden age” and primarily those made in the UK.

The style of the Nimrod harks back to the retro look of the 70’s but technically is a modern design which uses some of the latest precision drive units from Visatons’ range.

The Visaton Nimrod is named after Elgar’s Enigma Variations

Visaton Nimrod

The designer’s intention was for the Nimrod sound to combine some of the warmth and listenability of the old with the clarity and precision of the new. This has been achieved by careful matching of the drive units and fine-tuning the sound with the advanced crossover design. A traditionally styled cabinet and conventional drive unit alignment gives that “vintage” look but closer examination reveals the incorporation of some modern ideas such as the use of a waveguide to improve tweeter, midrange integration.

Elgar’s Enigma Variations

The name ‘Nimrod’ is inspired by the 9th, and possibly best known of British composer, Edward Elgar’s, Enigma Variations. Elgar named this moving piece after his German friend and publisher, August Jaeger, who was given the nickname ‘Nimrod’ by the composer. It is said Elgar chose this name for his friend as he enjoyed its play on words, with the biblical Nimrod being a great hunter, and the German word Jaeger meaning “hunter”. Jaeger was a great supporter of Elgar and with encouragement helped him complete some of his greatest works.

Cooperation between like-minded people in Germany and the UK was central to the development of the Nimrod speaker and it is this association which reflects the musical friendship enshrined in Elgar’s greatest work.

Speaker Kit

The Nimrod is a three-way bass reflex design, incorporating high quality drive units and advanced crossover. It is sold in kit form for customer assembly, the kit includes everything needed to make a speaker except for the cabinet. Flat pack or fully built cabinets are available separately.


The system is rated at 120 W rms. Frequency response 31-20,000 Hz. Sensitivity 84 dB (1 W/1 M). Nominal impedance 4 Ohms. Net volume 34.5 L + 1.5 L. Net weight 18.5 KG per speaker (excluding stand).

The finished speaker measures 1011 x 304 x 320 mm, H, W, D) when mounted on its purpose-designed stand.


Per pair £915.00 Inc VAT.

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