During the weekend of 28th – 29th of September, Connaisseur-AV will introduce the new Vitus Audio SIA-030 integrated amplifier to Benelux at the XFi show, in room 54.

We have been following the mighty Vitus amp around the globe, as it has made its show debuts worldwide, since High End Munich, most recently hearing it RMAF 2019 where it had its USA debut.

The Vitus SIA – 030 has two optional modules Firstly, a full DAC/Streamer module from the RI-101/RD-101 but further optimized and enhanced for the SIA-030. Secondly, a full phonostage with two non-balanced inputs, mm/mc support and individual load and gain settings.

Vitus Audio say that fully equipped, the SIA-030 will be “all you will need for a minimalistic ‘uber’ performing system with matching speakers and cables”.

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