Audio Capsule, the Hi-Res Audiophile grade player and Home Multi-room server made by Voxtok, is officially launched during theVOSTOK_CES_2015 CES 2015 in Las Vegas. This product has been named with a CES Innovation Award Honoree in the High Performance Home Audio/Video category. They will be in Eureka Park Booth 75605.

This piece of technology incorporates Voxtok Music, a unified and consistent bouquet of music services. Voxtok Music provides a catalogue of almost 30 Million tracks, from compressed to lossless formats. This catalogue is available for several countries for both, streaming and files downloading.

Voxtok also adds intelligent Music services such as recommendation (based on advanced metadata bases, algorithms and human experts), automatic upgrading files quality, automatic complete albums and Cloud features for an Audio Capsule on-the-go seamless experience.

Voxtok also announces that Jacques Krischer is joining the board of directors as Chief Musical Officer. Jacques has been involved in the music content industry since 30 years and he’s a well-known ww expert. He joins the board of directors to bring his experience, valuable assets and passion in order to build the best high quality music discovery platform, with ubiquitous access. Moreover, the company invited Eric Lipmann to join the team and add his experience and expertise in the recommendation space, mainly for Classical music. Eric has a long track record in this industry and he’s adding human sense to the algorithms and technologies the company has been developing and acquiring. Voxtok is showcasing during the CES its first recommendation app, focused first on classical music.

Vostok will also be announcing their Audio Capsule at CES 2015. With Audio Capsule, Voxtok “reinvents” the Music Experience by changing the way we access and discover music, providing an end-to-end Home Audio System.

Audio Capsule is a modern Hi-Res, Multi-room and connected Jukebox, controlled by a tablet or a TV. It incorporates an audiophile player, a multi-room music server, a storage unit and a CD ripping function, controlled by a very simple tablet & TV app.

It integrates a set of advanced services (Hi-Res music catalogs, Advanced music recommendation, Audio Capsule backup and streaming) based on powerful Cloud technologies and extensive metadatabases.


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