Vinyl on your TV, sounds a bit strange? Read on….Voxtok, which recently joined the Netgem Group as its dedicated Sound Division for innovative musical entertainment in TV and audio sectors, and Elipson, a French manufacturer of high-end audio solutions, are collaborating to provide an “enhanced and enriched vinyl record listening experience”.

Voxtok is adding vinyl turntables as an additional music source for its integrated music service. This, say  the company, allows them to “extend the user experience to TV sets and tablets like never before”.

“Vinyl is alive and well, offering an additional way to provide a rich, multi-dimensional, and consistent user experience. This expanded experience leverages the communication abilities provided by Elipson turntables, and the power of our music service platform for TVs and mobile terminals. Voxtok combines the charm of the analogue world with the richness of digital services to create a pleasing and enjoyable experience for users,” declares Joel Reboul, CEO of Voxtok.

Philippe Carré, President of Elipson, confirms: “Our Alpha and Omega turntables fit perfectly into both cabled and wireless musical environments, extended by Voxtok. We were immediately attracted and pleased by the idea of associating vinyl with modern, innovative services.”

When a record is played on the Elipson, turntable, Voxtok detects the album and displays information on the TV and/or mobile terminals, along with content related to the identified album and artist, such as videos, news, and other additional services to be added in 2018. This functionality has recently been included in the Voxtok Music service, and will be presented for the first time at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Venetian Suite 30-129

Voxtok Music enhances the music experience with its openness to all music sources (such as streaming, files, radio, podcasts), gathering related content such as news, music videos, concert streaming and ticketing, and listening to music to build an new experience. The service is available for TVs, set-top boxes, and mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets. Voxtok has taken care to ensure service availability in TV environments, for both over-the-top content (OTT) and operators, making the solution flexible and capable of integrating into mixed offerings featuring TV, video, and music. designs innovative audio systems, notably its SoundBox line, which adopts the principles of these integrated and extended services uniting TV, video, and audio. SoundBox blends very complex and advanced offering a wide range of connectivity in a small-footprint audio casing. Voxtok has begun deploying some of its SoundBox products through its parent company, Netgem. It has also recently been announced that Napster has joined in a global partnership with the Netgem group.

Elipson has established itself as a high-quality speaker provider for the past 70 years. With its Alpha and Omega product lines, the company carries its expertise over to the vinyl turntable world. These modern turntables offer advanced functionality such as Bluetooth aptX™.



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