Wavelength Audio will be exhibiting their electronics along with loudspeakers from Vaughn, in Suite 9125 Gaylord at Rocky Mountain later this week, including several new product launches.

Electronics By Wavelength Audio

Computer Audio Setup:

MacBook Pro Retina 15 16G/480GSSD Thunderbolt to a 4T Drobo SSD RAID array library. Curious USB or AudioQuest Diamond USB cable.

Front End:

Cosecant v5 32/384 DoP DSD64/128 USB DAC ($4000)

BrickN2 NOS 24/96 USB DAC ($2000, Silver $10,000)

Sine Silver ($15,000) line level preamplifier

Secant USB NOS DAC Preamplifier ($5000).

AudioQuest Wind Interconnects.


Triton Signature Silver 300B SET Amplifiers ($40,000 pair).

Napoleon Silver 300B SET Amplifiers ($30,00 pair).

Duetto v5 stereo Silver Edition ($25,000, copper $5000).

AudioQuest K2 Speaker Cable.

AudioQuest Red Wood Speaker Cables

AudioQuest Niagara 6M interconnect

AudioQuest Niagra 7000 Power Conditioner

Speakers By Vaughn Loudspeakers

Zinfandel Line Array with Plasma Tweeter ($15,000 pair) – Nine 4” monopole driver array, 97dBw, 70Hz to over 40KHz

MJ Acoustic Reference 400 subwoofers ($2200.00)

MJ Acoustic Masterclass Windsor subwoofer ($8000.00)

Vaughn Loudspeakers is the US importer for MJ Acoustics Subwoofers

For all the up to date RMAF 2019 news and show coverage, check out our Rocky Mountain Audio Fest section here.

Nordost At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019
Lateral Audio Stands At Rocky Mountain Show

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