Colarado based 3beez contacted Hifi Pig to tell us about their new Wax Box 2 music management 2BEEZ2system for storing , cataloguing and playing music files.

“We have had a great response to the Wax Box 1 in the year since its introduction, but many audiophiles told us they wanted higher storage capacity” said 3beez president, Jeffrey Barish. “Wax Box 2 offers the same features as Wax Box 1, but we increased storage capacity to 3TB”.

Like its predecessor, the Wax Box 2 system ships with the unique Wax software for creating, maintaining and playing a collection of digital music.  “Our software is sophisticated, but so easy to learn that a novice can be cataloguing a collection on day one” said Barish. The system is said to be especially easy when dealing with the nightmare that can be classical music cataloguing.

The new Wax Box is completely silent, with fanless cooling and a cache for sound files in a solid-state drive. The sound drive spins only log enough to transfer the sound files to the cache and no longer. The system performs backups automatically to a second internal HDD.

Available now at $5400

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