Weiss of Switzerland has announced that they have now got Roon Ready certification for their DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502 “Series 5” Dac /DSP/network renderer units.

In case you are not yet familiar with Roon, it is a next-generation player software. Some of Roon’s highlights are extensive metadata support including cover art, CD booklets and lyrics, support of file playback from NAS as well as streaming from Tidal and Qobuz, Internet Radio, comprehensive information on the signal path involved, multi-room capability, MQA decoding, and audio quality.


Daniel Weiss told us: “In the case of our Series 5 units, which support various signal processing algorithms (DSP), Roon always reflects the currently active signal path unique to our Series 5 units. We think that appropriate DSP can enhance the listening experience to a great extent. We design the DSP algorithms such that they are very user-friendly to control. Our company designs DSP equipment for professional Mastering Studios, meaning that we know how to achieve high-quality signal processing”.


Currently, the following DSP algorithms are available: Room equalizer, tone control, vinyl simulation, dynamics reduction, and crosstalk cancellation. Close to being released by Weiss is a de-esser algorithm to get rid of annoying sibilance. Currently, Weiss are working on headphone-specific algorithms which will enhance the listening experience when listening via headphones instead of speakers, tackling the problem that many of today’s music productions are made for speaker playback which may not be ideal for headphone playback.

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