Daniel Weiss from Swiss company Weiss got in touch to tell us what they were up to at the Munich High End Show.

Weiss will be in room K2A, which is a large conference room adjacent to Hall 1 and showing off their LIVEBOX speaker – “the first speaker of its kind”:

The Livebox has “everything” built in – D/A Converter for streaming and USB playback, power amplifiers and a crosstalk cancellation algorithm “which generates a hard to believe “being there” soundstage”.

The Swiss companies PSI Audio and Illusonic are cooperating with Weiss in the design of the Livebox too.

The D/A Converter in the Livebox is based on the new DAC501 / DAC502 converter models, also on show in Munich. (The DAC502 is the wide version of the DAC501): Besides streaming capabilities (e.g. stream directly from Tidal, QoBuz, Internet radio etc. to the DAC) they sport a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip for various signal treatments. Like equalising, room equalising, vinyl sound generation, de-essing, constant loudness generation etc. The headphone output drives all headphones and also allows for DSP treatment.

Also on show Weiss will have the MAN301 Network Player and the Medus flagship D/A Converter. Plus a variety of Firewire and USB interfaces. The INT204, their USB Interface, just got an upgrade. It now supports a level control via an IR remote control unit.




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