We have been following the story of the Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube over the last few years, as the company has brought it back into full production at their manufacturing facility in Rossville, Georgia, USA.

The original 300B vacuum tube, a long time favourite in hifi, is now available from Western Electric and authorised dealers worldwide.

Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube

The Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube is now in full production

Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube Production

After two years of factory construction, assembly-line setup, and staff training, early batches of electron tubes shipped from October 2020 – January 2021. Western Electric has since shifted to regular production in order to meet demand from overseas distributors and to stock up for a new online store.

“We’re honored to continue serving music listeners and amplifier designers who’ve trusted the quality of our electron tubes for years,” says CEO Charles Whitener. First introduced by Western Electric in 1938, the 300B is now praised among audiophiles for its ultra-long life and sonic purity. “Making sure our customers get the ‘real thing’ is a great challenge. We rely on decades of experience and a strict adherence to quality standards set in stone long before our time,” Whitener adds.

Western Electric Manufacturing

With the return of the famous triode comes the re-establishment of Western Electric manufacturing, this time at a new facility located in Rossville, Georgia. Officially established in 2018, the Rossville Works facility contains an entire wing dedicated to continuous 300B production. On the production floor, modern machinery harmonises with original machinery, some first commissioned in the 1940s.

Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube

The Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube is a favourite with audiophiles

Price And Availability

The price for one matched pair is $1499.00. Single tubes and matched quad sets are also available.

Due to limited staffing and high demand, allow up to 30 days for your order to be allocated for shipment.

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