Wharfedale’s D300 series of loudspeakers were pretty amazing for the price anyway, in fact, when we reviewed the Wharfedale D320 standmounters, we liked them so much, they got our ‘Outstanding Product Award’ and both Harry and Stuart bought a pair!

Having developed a number of efficiencies in the production process, Wharfedale are able to  pass on the cost reductions to consumers. The result is even better value for money at classic budget price points.

Budget Hifi Loudspeakers

The D320 bookshelf/standmount speakers, that we reviewed, have now dropped from £199 per pair to £149 per pair. The D310 bookshelf speakers go from £159 per pair to £129 per pair, the D330 floortsanding speakers are now £349 per pair and the D300C home cinema centre speaker is £149.

Wharfedale essentially created the modern-day ‘budget’ Hifi loudspeaker category with the introduction of the Diamond in the early 1980s. Since then it has delivered successive generations of low-cost, high-value speakers.

Peter Comeau

Speaking about the D300 Series price adjustment, Peter Comeau, Wharfedale’s Director of Acoustic Design, said: “Little did I realise, when I started designing and manufacturing commercial speakers in 1979, that entry-level prices for real hifi loudspeakers would remain practically unchanged for 40 years! This is only possible because of economies of manufacture which Wharfedale can pass on to the customer, enabling the speakers I am designing today to offer the most incredible value that music enthusiasts have ever seen. What is even more amazing is that the level of performance and standards of finish have increased dramatically in that four decades. I’m very proud to uphold the Wharfedale tradition of delivering such extraordinary value for money.”

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