Long gone are the days when your loudspeakers came in any colour you liked…so long as it was black. Many brands are now producing a rainbow of speaker colours, including Wilson Audio, who have introduced an updated and expanded range of colours, which include new Premium Pearl options.

WilsonGloss is a multi-stage process. It starts with a proprietary protective gel coat layer. After the craftsmen sand and polish the surface to a tolerance of 1/4000 of an inch, several layers of base and metallic colors are then applied. All of which is then followed by several applications of satin or clear coat. Finally, Wilson’s craftspeople polish the painted surface. All of this takes place in Wilson’s in-house paint facility.

Wilson Chronosonic XVX

Wilson loudspeakers (except for the Sabrina and TuneTot) are available in a choice of five standard WilsonGloss colours. You can also choose from twelve upgrade colours, which are available at a surcharge. To celebrate the launch of the new flagship, the Chronosonic XVX, Wilson have updated the selection of both standard and upgrade colours. Finally, WilsonGloss Premium Pearl includes five new colors, each in an exclusive finish.

After you select your paint colour, choose bet ween six grille-cloth colours. Along with standard black grilles, you can alternatively specify Slate Grey, Parchment Grey, Mocha, Blanco White, or Le Mans Blue. Finally, choose bet ween clear (natural silver) and black anodize for your metal hardware.

Or if that’s not enough choice, Wilson can colour match just about any sample to create a one off paint finish for you.

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