Whitestone is the first platform for interactive music experiences. A place to create, collect, and truly experience music online. Whitestone has been created by a group of artists, designers and programmers with a vision to bring album art to the internet, using the medium to create special interactive editions of albums and videos. Streaming is just the beginning; they want to take it a step further.  One of the founders of Whitestone, Roey Tsemah told us:  ‘In 1939 Alex Steinweiss invented album artwork. Before he came up with the idea, records didn’t have any artwork, just a brown dust cover. The first album he illustrated made 800% more profit, it added value to the record and soon enough became an integral part of the culture of music. With the transition to MP3’s we lost the album, we lost the artwork, we were left with the cover and a tracklist. It’s about time we change that.’WS_Home_Steinweiss

‘We believe that true fans want to support artists. Our business model is based on the concept of the tip jar and fan contributions rather than advertisements. As a fan you can follow creators to get their feed. When you see something you like you can tip them – You decide how much, and your money goes directly to the person you intend to. Not only artists are creators – radio hosts and music bloggers for instance can get tipped as well, the stage is for everyone.’


Whitestone are launching their Kickstarter funding campaign on Sunday 30th of August, keep an eye on Hifi Pig for more news about this exciting and creative project!


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