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A Little history first:

Way back in 2002 Simon (who runs a small studio that Tellurium Q run early stage cable tests) and Geoff (a Director at Tellurium tqAV1Q) where working on various audio phenomena and testing them to see how effective they were. One such project was sound influence on meditative brain wave patterns for a CD training disc called “Quantum Meditation”  (see picture opposite).

Moving forward to this year, 2014 Tellurium Q were asked if a distributor could source burn in discs to provide with a few of the very highest end cables. Tellurium Q talked with a producer but long story cut short they were not forthcoming which led to a eureka moment. Geoff having a background in materials chemistry and with Simon and him having already researched sound generation and effects it seemed stupid not to develop our own.

This was our thinking:

Most music follows a form that can be calculated with a fourier transform analysis and time frequency analysis indicating it is not random, which simply means that your system can get into a “rut”. Like going to a gym and training only a few specific muscles for years and then wondering why your body is out of balance. This recording takes your system through a full workout of frequencies and tonal changes that is specifically designed to stretch your system’s components and bring new life into your music.

We place equal importance on all frequencies and even go into deep bass in a way that sub woofers will benefit from while working up through mids into the upper high frequency ranges in a non-sequential , non-Fourier way. There are also no pure ratio intervals to allow your system to slouch while it is having its work out. This is also one of the prime reasons that music played normally is slow to burn in components compared to this tool. Music does not cover your system’s range in a way that exercises the components sufficiently in a mechanical, electronic and magnetic sense to burn in your various components as efficiently.

This was the result:

We believe that the recording sounds unlike any burn in or system “perk up” CD that you will have heard for good reason and the feedback that we are starting to get is surprising us.

“This is just to let you know that I finally got the CD yesterday. I must say that after playing the whole CD just once, my entire system (not only Ultra Blacks) has improved dramatically. Your product is absolutely brilliant. (By the way, I used burn-in CDs by two well-known British companies for extended periods of time, but they are nowhere near as good.)” 

Jerzy from Poland

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