Yesterday saw the European Launch of Wilson Audio’s Alexandria XLF loudspeakers at the KJ West One outlet in London, which incidentally officially opens its doors to the public today and is where you’ll need to go to purchase these loudspeakers.

This is the first time the loudspeakers have been seen outside the US and if you want a pair you’ll need to find around £200 000.

Opinion is sure to be divided on the appearance of these made to order behemoths which are designed “not as a replacement to the Alexandria Series 2, but as its measurably more ambitious sibling!”

The Alexandria XLF uses a new tweeter (the Convergent Synergy Tweeter) which has been designed from the ground up after Dave Wilson’s “frustration with off the shelf units” and the innovative Cross Load Firing Port system which effectively allows the user to have either a front firing port or a rear firing port for the bass enclosure. Bass duties are served by a 13 inch woofer and a 15inch woofer, whilst the midrange enclosure is rear vented and is served by a 7 inch driver.

The whole caboodle as a sensitivity of 93.5dB, weighs in at 297kg per speaker and stands 178cm tall.

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