The primary design objectives for the Wilson team, when designing the new TuneTot stand, were stability and ultra-low resonance, and a platform that facilitated the proper alignment of the baffle for the time domain.

A custom-machined, solid billet of X-Material serves as the column riser. It is very inert and solid. X-Material, now in its third design iteration, is unique among composites for its remarkable combination of dampening characteristics and rigidity.


The column is painted using the WilsonGloss process and is available in a range of colours to match or complement the TuneTot.


The top plate is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium. The plate features bolt holes, which accommodate the hardware for TuneTot’s secure attachment to the Stand. The resulting X-Material/aluminum interface is stable and critically damped.


Optionally, the TuneTot Stand is configurable with the ISOBase, which further enhances resonant control. The ISOBase securely bolts to the TuneTot Stand. Additionally, the ISOBase allows TuneTot’s rake angle to be adjusted in relation to the listening position, which facilitates more accurate alignment of the time domain for most installations.

The bottom plate is also machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Spikes can be installed into the bottom plate for greater stability on carpeted floors. Both plates are available in either black or clear anodize.


TuneTot Stand—$2,400.00 (any colour)

ISOBase—$2,400.00 (pair)

TuneTot Ring—$649.00 (pair)

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