The GMTONE System Turntable has been announced to mark Wilson Benesch’s 30th Anniversary.

The GMTONE System features a new drive system called the Omega Drive. The Omega Drive is the world’s first axially orientated, precision magnetically geared turntable drive.

In addition to the Omega Drive, Wilson Benesch has developed the Alpha Isolation System, Piezo VTA System, three new tonearms and a dedicated new cartridge.

The GMTONE System© derives its name from Greenwich Mean Time which has for 135-years been the reference by which people around the world have measured time. The GMT reference is thus inspired by the novel drive system behind the GMTONE System© which lays claim to being the most accurate drive system ever developed for a turntable. This drive system does not rely upon a belt, it does not rely upon an idler drive, nor a direct drive system. The GMTONE System© deploys a recently patented magnetic gear technology Pricing: unconfirmed Availability: Q4 2019. Munich HIGH END 2019: Atrium 4.2 – E223

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