“Vibrational energy in audio components is known to affect the listening experience,” explains CEO Chris Bell. “Our new Vibe space is designed to absorb some of that energy and extend the tuning options of our Experience cables.”

Wire on Wire’s cable design gives you the option to fine-tune your audio system through your cables. Tuning is done using spacers, which Wire on Wire says alter the relationship between conducting wires in the distinctive, colourful interconnects and speaker cables.

Wire on Wire’s new Vibe spacer with the Experience 660S cable

Vibe Spacer

The Vibe spacer, the newest addition to the Wire on Wire stable, is made of a material that translates vibration into thermal energy, and can be used alone or in combination with the British brand’s existing MkII spacers.

“We’re really pleased to extend the tuning options of our Experience cables, not just to new customers, but also to our existing customers.  Unlike conventional audio cable designs that are fixed, our cables at Wire on Wire extend the listening options of our existing customers without the need to buy a new cable,” says Chris.

Wire on Wire’s new Vibe spacer with the Experience 880 cable


The Vibe is now supplied with the audio cables in addition to the MkII spacers but can be purchased separately from Wire on Wire for £32 per set of 12.

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