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Wolf von Langa who we’ve heard very good things about here at Hifi Pig, got in touch to tell us 1404_wolfvonlanga_salon_freabout their presence at High End 2014 in Munich.

Wolf von Langa is a speaker manufacturer from Bavaria and will present the company’s product range. They’ll be in  room F231c of Munich MOC in Atrium 4 and will have their modular speaker system on show.

”To transform live recordings in a live experience”, is Wolf von Langa’s aim in his loudspeaker designs and to “make the nuances of the music heard”.
While most modern speaker are driven by a permanent magnet, in Wolf  von Langa’s models the magnetic field of a field coil is controlled by a power source.

”Such electromagnetically driven speakers already existed long before today’s conventional permanent-magnet speakers. Recently, however, the field coil speakers are making a comeback – and rightly so” he said. “Unlike a permanent magnet, the strength of the magnetic field in a field coil can be changed easily via the current source and the sound character and timbre can be ideally adapted to any space. In addition, the field coil loudspeaker have, compared to conventional systems, an extremely low distortion.


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