In a world first review of the new X200 Signature Monoblocs Dan puts the amplifiers through their paces and sees whatX200_mono_sig_fr_jpg makes them tick.

“The Signature Series will represent Cyrus’s flagship product line up and comprises upgraded versions of the X Series components: DAC X Signature (DAC); DAC XP Signature (DAC/preamp) and the Mono X 200 and X300 Signature (mono power amps). Further models are expected to join the range later in the year. The Signature Series include performance-enhancing modifications and the very latest-generation components that Cyrus say bring improvements in detail and resolution.

Each component comes in the standard Cyrus bead-blasted cast chassis, in either black or quartz finish, and feature the ‘Signature’ badge on the fascia.

The Mono X amplifiers offer 200 watts via their ‘zero-feedback’ design. The Signature Series updates include a replacement input buffer op-amp with a higher slew rate and higher gain bandwidth.”

Read the full review of Cyrus’ Mono X200.


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