WTP audio is launching the Serene project, six upgrades designed and manufactured in Britain for the LP12. Theo Stack of WTP told us more: “The goal was to rid the LP12 of any remaining vibrations and colorations whilst still retaining the core organic sound of the Linn Sondek. Thus, the start of this bordering on, unhealthy obsession, which was dubbed “The Serene Project’’. It was no easy feat and took two years of intensive R&D and countless revised prototypes to develop components that compete at the highest standard”

.“Vibrations travel between components within the LP12 and the effect it has on the acoustic performance is something which was extensively researched. The trick was to ensure that each component is not adding any sound characteristics of its own, nor absorb musical performance”.

The Serene Project comprises of 6 components all of which has been designed to “improve the performance of the part it replaces while maintaining a perfect compatibility with the original components”.

Arm Board (£48-54) & Sub-chassis (£199) Combo (£220)

The arm board and sub-chassis play a fundamental part in the musical performance of the Linn Sondek. The Serene Sub-chassis and arm boards can be used together or with their standard Linn counterpart.

The upgrades are made in the UK from a material called Solid Surface.  This material is composed of acrylic polymer and aluminium among other minerals, and it makes it very inert. The arm boards use metal threaded inserts, to ensure a solid connection with the sub-chassis, that won’t loosen or deteriorate over time.

Serene Base Board (£120)

The serene base board is machined from 12mm thick solid surface and has three adjustable sorbothane feet. Together they provide a stable platform dissipating external and internal vibrations .Holes have been cut out to allow for easy access to the springs and arm board

Serene Cross Brace (£36)

The Serene cross brace is an inert platform, WTP use rubber studs to mount the circuit board to eradicate any remaining vibrations entering or exiting the power supply. The cross brace itself is simple to install.

Serene Plinth (£850) Includes base Serene baseboard

Again Solid Surface being the material of choice for the plinth, WTP say:  “It took over a year and 12  prototypes to come up with the ultimate plinth to improve upon the original wood plinth”.

More than a day is spent machining, assembling and hand polishing each plinth, which weighs in at over 5Kg. The plinths are available, in Black or White as standard, alternatively you can choose from an over 80 colour options.  Fluted plinths are also an option All the holes have threaded brass inserts and comes with the Solid surface baseboard and cross brace as standard.

Serene Top Plate

The standard top plate is made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel which over time can warp WTP top plates incorporate an advanced vibration dissipation layer. There are two versions available:

Serene Top Plate  Standard (£120-140) Introductory Offer (£100)

The 1st layer is made from 1.5mm high-grade stainless steel or aluminium. This layer fits perfectly flush with the top of the plinth. The second layer is a 2mm of stainless steel that adds an extra level of thickness to help prevent warping, sandwiched between the two is our advanced vibration dampening layer

Serene Top plate 7mm (£200-£220) Introductory offer (£155)

The 1st layer (visible) can either be brushed stainless steel or aluminium. The second layer is made from 5mm thick aluminium that is machined flat on both sides to ensure it is perfectly flat and sandwiched between the two is WTP’s advanced vibration dampening layer.

Three kits are also available and the parts come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Kit 1 Cross-brace, Arm board, Base board (£264-£270)

Kit 2 Plinth, cross brace, Base board, Top plate (£1020 – 1038)

Kit 3 All components (£1200 – 1224)


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