The standmounting Premio Esclusivo builds upon the success of its predecessor, as the top model of the Xavian Natura range. The Czech based brand say: “Premio Esclusivo represents advanced technology hidden inside nature ispired, organic shaped cabinets made from solid wood”.

Premio Esclusivo uses technologies and design features from Xavian’s Epica range, but in a more compact size with higher sensitivity and easier placement in smaller spaces.

FaseZero Crossover

The speakers features a system of front twin bass reflex ports, a sophisticated system of inner damping and custom made AudioBarletta drivers from Italy. They are made from 23mm thick solid oak and feature Fase Zero crossover topology ( drivers connected in series ) using Mundorf capacitors and resistors. The grille attaches magnetically.

Xavian say that Premio Esclusivo is the embodiement of almost quarter of century of experience, packed into a compact footprint, combining “natural materials, sophisticated technologies and exclusive hand-craftsmanship”.


From 4,400€ per pair

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