Xavian, whose Perla speakers we reviewed here, handmake all of their loudspeakers in Prague, Czech Republic. They have just launched their collection of three newcentre channel speakers, Xavian Melos, Xavian Grande Scena and Xavian Scena.

Xavian Melos

Xavian say that they employed the experience and technologies used in the construction of their Orfeo speaker, “We draw mechanical parts, selected membranes, impregnation, materials, and shapes to meet our dream of perfect reproduction. The body (Corpus) of Melos is made only from selected Italian oak or maple: no artificial materials. Corpus must “mature” three weeks to be able to be milled and finished”.

The crossover uses Xavian’s ‘Fase Zero’ system.

Xavian Grande Scena & Scena

Xavian’s Grande Scena is based on their Accorda and Ambra speakers and can be placed near to the wall. Its passive frequency crossover is fitted with  Mundorf capacitors. Xavian Scena is a compact center channel loudspeaker based on Xavian’s Bon Bonus and Deliziosa. Easy placement is possible because of its compact size and absence of bassreflex.

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