Zesto Audio has announced their new product upgrade, the Energy Source Power Supply, named the ESP Supply available on three of their preamplifiers, the Andros II Phonostage, the Andros Deluxe II Phonostage and the Leto Ultra II Preamplifier.

George Counnas, President and design engineer of Zesto Audio says, “I named it the ESP Supply because it anticipates the energy needs of the music. This new ESP Supply unlocks the true potential of the circuit, so it is at ease and doesn’t have to work as hard. The music is more natural.”

The Zesto Andros 2 Phonostage

Energy Source Power Supply

The biggest difference in the ESP Supply is the transformer changes from an “IE” to a Toroid design, this generates significantly less noise because it does a better job of concentrating the magnetic field. George says, “What I really like is how the ESP Supply allows the main circuit to have more music flow through it, with so much more detail. It also creates a livelier dynamic presentation, the quite passages are quieter and louder passages have more punch. The sound quality is an improvement throughout the frequency spectrum, so you have better clarity on the bass, midrange and highs evenly.”

The ESP Supply is designed with bigger, fewer and heftier parts, which delivers more power with improved reliability. The rugged design of the ESP Supply makes it more resilient to power surges.

The Zesto Andros 2 Deluxe Phonostage

Technical Improvements

The technical improvements are as follows, the high voltage supply increases by 20%, from 250V to 300V to provide more headroom. Dynamic range opens up with increases from 90dBV to 122dBV depending on the model. Both the high and low voltage supplies provide more current, so it’s less restrictive to deliver more music. In the Phonostages, the Noise level is 5dBV quieter.

The ZestoLeto Ultra 2 Preamplifier

Price And Availability

The retail price for the the Andros II Phonostage is USD $5,200, the Andros Deluxe II Phonostage is USD $7,500 and the Leto Ultra II Preamplifier is USD $10,900.

Pricing does not include taxes, shipping, duty or customs charges.

The 3 ESP Supply preamps are in full production and replace their former models.

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