Analogue Seduction, UK retailer established in 2005 and dedicated to two-channel hi-fi, is the first DYN_Evidence_Platinum_bordeauxshowroom in the UK to have Dynaudio’s new flagship Evidence Platinum loudspeakers on demonstration.

Dynaudio has developed and manufactured its new flagship loudspeaker: Evidence Platinum. Which they say offers a level of sound quality never before experienced, armed with an array of state-of-the-art proprietary Dynaudio technology, the eye-catching £58,500 Evidence Platinum loudspeakers are the zenith of the company’s audiophile experience.

After almost seven years of continuous development, the Evidence Platinum concept was first shown in 2012 at the world’s preeminent audio exhibition, the Munich High End Show. After receiving tremendous feedback from visitors, distributors, and dealers Dynaudio decided to turn the concept into reality.

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