We have been following this emerging French company since we met them on the Newcomers stand at High End Munich a few years ago. Following on from their high end Reference range they are now introducing a second product line.

The B.audio One series is a comprehensive range, including digital to analogue converter which was teased at last year’s High End Munich, pre-amplifier and amplifier. B.audio One products feature the brand’s technological developments aimed at eliminating sources of distortion that impact sound reproduction. More affordable, they differ from the Reference series by several simplifications, particularly in the aesthetics as well as in the power supply stages.


The circuits implemented in B.audio electronics are the result of an innovative approach aimed at leveraging today’s technical possibilities. Stemming from numerous computer simulations and careful fine-tuning, these developments open up new perspectives while allowing integration with the other elements of the system.

B.Dac One

The B.dac one integrates B.audio’s patented SJR “Source Jitter Removal” technology. It stands, they say, out for its “absolute accuracy”, allowing for optimal conversion quality even from sources with significant jitter levels, regardless of the input (USB, AES-EBU, SPDIF or TOSLINK).

B.Dpr One

Using the B.dac one’s digital-to-analogue conversion section, the B.dpr one adds a 100% analogue symmetrical volume control and pre-amplification stage (ASP). The latter uses discrete resistor networks switched by relays, preserving the integrity of the signal. Digital losses are by construction non-existent, and the conversion circuits operate at their optimum working point. The B.dpr one can also be fitted with optional analogue inputs.

B.Amp One

The B.amp one is a stereo power amplifier. Its class AB operation preserves the signal from any high frequency digital disturbance. It has a distortion rate below the measurement threshold (<0.0005%) thanks to the innovative IOD ” Intelligent Output Drive ” technology introduced on the Reference series amplifiers. The B.amp one has an oversized current reserve which benefits bass handling, enabling it to adapt to any type of loudspeaker, even the most demanding.


The elegant design is the work of designer Olivier Hess. As on the Reference range, products from the One range feature a front panel made of CNC-machined microblasted aluminium.

Made In France

The products manufactured by B.audio are handmade in the company’s workshops in Mutzig, near Strasbourg. The assembly of the electronic boards, as well as the crafting of the housing components, are carried out locally by partner companies. Each element is tested both electronically and acoustically to validate its performance at the end of assembly.

Products from the One series will be available for delivery from February 15, 2020.

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