Despite low cost streaming services, computer audio and the rest of it, the recent resurgence in vinyl popularity has proved irresistible and it was only a matter of time before old video formats were brought back from the dead and Cambridge Audio have come up with a world’s first with the CXVHS, the company’s brand new and first ever VCR player and recorder.


When interviewed by Hifi Pig a spokesperson for the company commented “When speaking to our customers, we discovered that their passion for analogue media formats extended far past the vinyl and audio realm. They felt lost when looking for a working VCR without gambling on a rough looking machine complete with embedded footprint at the local car boot sale. VHS tapes are just as collectable and as widely enjoyed as vinyl and we understand fully that your collections should be enjoyed for years to come. In its design, we wanted the CXVHS to bring a sense of nostalgia to the home”.

Here are some of the key features of the CXVHS:

Built in clock with recording timer

Wired remote control

Standard and Long Play support

Slow motion playback

4 VCR heads

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