There is something new from Clones Audio and it’s called The Host.clones_server

The Host is the first digital music server of CLones Audio and comes equipped with a high performance USB digital audio output, Ethernet port, solid-state drive for music storage and full linear power supply with the super low noise regulator modules.clones_server_3

Host runs a custom Linux OS with the ROON Server  but the company can also supple the DAPHILE as the difference choice for the user.

  • SHAAR USB gateway for USB audio class 3.0 output.
  • Full linear power supply.
  • Double POWER STATION regulator supply the SSD/SHAAR and the Main processor board separately
  • 256GB/ 500GB/ 1TB/ 2TB internal storage option
  • Machined aluminium case
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for network connectivityclones_server_2


  • 322mm(W) X 260mm(D) X 90mm(H)
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Mucic Storage: 256GB/ 500GB/ 1TB/ 2TB
  • Digital Output: 2 – USB
  • Other I/O: Gigabit Ethernet, USB Port X 4

Price: Starting from HKD11,799(EUR1,377)*

*Solid-state hard drive and ROON licence are excluded

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