Stewart’s review of the Clones Audio Pre and Power amplifiers.CLONES_OUT

“First disc into the machine was Joni Mitchell, “Turbulent Indigo”, from the first bar of the music I knew this was a very good pair of power amplifiers with a sumptuous, tight bass and the almost liquid presentation of the mid range allied with crystalline treble.  It was easy to identify the instruments in the cavernous sound stage. The depth of the stereo image was astonishing, although it was a little foreshortened in comparison to the Mighty Crown and the large Sumo Five (a 50 Watt per channel “A class” monster), although the HH AM8/12 amplifiers gave a very similar presentation. As an aside the HH amplifiers were designed for BBC use along with their LS3/5A speakers. The internal equalisation was set to “flat” before the test was started. This proved the manufacturer of the Clones has gone for an essentially flat frequency response, rather than a “Rose tinted Spectacle” type of response.”

Read the full review of the CLONES Audio pre and power amplifiers.


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