Erzetich Audio has announced the release of their second compilation, titled Gold II. The release brings together many of the finest talents in independent music to create a gold-plated, audiophile-grade CD.

Independent Artists

Music lovers can look forward to twelve tracks from indie artists AZTEX, Binary Boyz, Darius Lux, Deborah Henriksson, Deetrich, Dylan Dunlap, Evie Joy, G Ko, Lovescandal, Nya Crea, The Eves and Vyperstone. The CD will be given away free to both customers and partners of Erzetich, as a special thank you for supporting the company’s ongoing growth and development.

Erzetich Audio's Second Gold-Plated CD ‘Gold II’

Erzetich Audio’s Second Gold-Plated CD ‘Gold II’ featuring independent artists

Erzetich Audio’s Second Gold-Plated CD ‘Gold II’

In addition, the CD can also be bought, non-profit, from the official Erzetich website. This new launch comes following the earlier release of a Gold CD which likewise supported many great artists by showcasing their work to the world.

Erzetich Audio

Erzetich was founded in 2012 by Blaž Erzetič. Erzetič has spent much of his life getting to grips with electronics, design and acoustics – skills which ultimately led him to develop handcrafted Erzetich-branded amplifiers and headphones which are being used by some of the music world’s leading lights, including the likes of Nile Rodgers, Bill Gould of Faith No More and Imogen Heap.

“When you listen to music with the wrong equipment, you miss half the magic,” says Blaž. “Not only do we help support both independent and established musicians, but we believe that by focusing on the technical side of music, we can also help music fans discover the music they love.”


The amps and headphones are developed in Erzetich’s dedicated workshop within the woodlands of Slovenia, with local linden wood regularly making its way into the products. Each item is created for longevity and easy to repair for a more natural and eco-conscious end result.

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