French brand, Focal, used High End Munich 2018 to launch its new Grande Utopia EM Evo and Stella Utopia EM Evo loudspeakers. This was another highly popular launch with standing room only for a lot of the world’s Hifi press.

There was a strict door policy as we made our way through the Focal and Naim exhibit to the listening booth at the back, luckily there was plenty of French water on hand for the thirsty hoards, as we were very packed in.  We were treated to a presentation by the Naim team and also the Focal team before we got to listen to some tunes.  I must admit that we really did miss Focals Gérard Chrétien who sadly passed away last year, but his legacy, passion and love of music lives on in the current team.

Read the full report and product information here


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