Hifi Pig has recently learned that KEF (The loudspeaker manufacturer) and their engineers are nearing completion of the development of a new aerosol spray which they have named Hydro Blaster.H20Blaster-Still-WhiteBG

The company say that this outstanding solution (about whose composition the company were particularly cagey about, though we did get a whiff of something familiar) when sprayed, effectively removes unwanted water vapour from the air and can vastly improve the wireless audio signal transmission in the listening area within a room or studio.

Johan Coorg, KEF’s Global Ambassador commented “Listening tests have proved conclusive and the quality of sound received once the room had been sprayed with KEF Hydro Blaster has never been sharper, clearer and more dynamic.”

In a Hifi Pig exclusive test, we can indeed confirm that Hydro Blaster had a phenomenal and miraculous impact on our Wifi network, particularly when streaming from the new Hi Rez service Tidl 

Recommended Retail Price: £69.99


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