UK Loudspeaker manufacturer KEF has announced the launch of The Reference which is the Reference2014-Group-WBGcompany’s latest generation of their Reference loudspeakers.
At the heart of The Reference is a new iteration of KEFS Uni-Q point source driver array. A 25mm vented aluminium dome tweeter is placed at the acoustic centre of a 125mm driver. We assume this is similar to the driver used on the little X300As which we really rated when we reviewed them.
The new 165mm bas driver as a large vented magnet assembly and a large aluminium-wire voice coil which drives a very light and stiff aluminium cone.
The drivers are set in a distinctive front baffle made from an aluminium and resin composite which adds rigidity to the cabinet structure as well as offering acoustic damping.
To help fine tune the bass, output to suit taste and environment, The Reference uses user-adjustable port tuning. The port itself has been designed to reduce midrange port resonance and avoid turbulent air noise.
There are five Reference designs: a three way bookshelf, two three way floorstanders, a three way centre channel and a 1000W twin driver sub.
The speakers come in two special edition finishes – Blue Ice White and Copper Black Aluminium and also the standard colours of deep piano black, satin American walnut and High Gloss polished rosewood.
We heard a pair of the floorstanders at Munich and thought them very good indeed!
Prices are:
Reference 1 – £4500 pair
Reference 2 – £7500 pair
Reference 5 – £10500 pair
Centre – £4500
Sub – £4000


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