Peter Stanton-Ife attended the launch of a new product from Naim at the Vinyl Factory in Soho, naim_musi_1London.  As already covered in HiFi Pig, the Muso  is an all-in-one wireless music system so there is no need to repeat the detail here.

Seeing and hearing it in the flesh, I was impressed at the quality of the beautiful casework. I was told the unit weighs a whopping 13kgs. It is being made in China, which is a first for this Salisbury-based company. But it is apparently the only way to enable Naim to price the Muso so competitively – recommended retail price at £895.

It will have its own app for both Android and Apple, but nStream will still be available for those who prefer it.  The Muso’s touch sensitive volume knob is inspired by the flagship Statement amplifier, and looks the part.  So there is no need to shell out the full £140,000 for that part of the Statement experience!

The launch event in London’s Soho also featured the company’s Statement amplifier that sat glowering menacingly in a corner.

Naim also lost no time in highlighting its contribution to Naim for Bentley, with two cars on-site for a muso_bentlytest listening (but sadly not a test drive).

I was pondering as I walked around the Vinyl Factory how far Naim has come with these clean (dare I say, architectural?) designs from the rather ratty boxes beloved of the diehard stereotypical beards and sandals supporters of the seventies and early eighties. A stunning amp costing as much as a house in many parts of the country and the music for the Rooney chariot, forsooth! The good news is that the music still sounds good.

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