Pioneer and Onkyo have announced a new Firmware Update for the Pioneer XDP-30R and Onkyo DP-S1 Digital Audio Players that enables them to play downloaded MQA music.

MQA, short for Master Quality Authenticated, is an exciting new hi-res audio codec but in file sizes that are a fraction of that taken up by traditional hi-res formats. The enabling of MQA playback delivers on a promise that was made at the launch of the players earlier in 2017.

The v1.10/17906AEO update (firmware updating carried out via Wi-Fi or micro SD card) contains the following changes and includes previous updates:

1. Adds high quality MQA music file playback

2. “Resume” function (re-starts from the beginning of last song after turn off and on)

3. “Index” function with scroll slider

4. “Home” short-cut function customisation (change to “Favorite Function” with long

push each shortcut icon)

5. “All songs” playback in “Folder” sorting mode

6. Additional function at “Physical Side Keys”

7. Mac OS 10.10 connectivity improvement via mass storage mode

8. Micro SD card formatting function 

9. Stability improvements and other bug fixes





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