David Robson takes a listen to Black Cat’s Coppertone speaker cables and matching RCAs costing £276 for a three metre pair and £159 for a one metre pair respectively. Will David be the Cat that got the cream from this relatively budget offering? 

“Well today took me back in time over 3 years! The parcel I received from Black Cat Cables was the self same manufacturer that provided me with my very first opportunity to review HiFi cables back in October 2015. Then the Redline Tube RCA and speaker cables had arrived from Japan, the brainchild and work of Chris Sommovigo, who’s handmade cables achieve stunning levels of sound reproduction. Chris has now relocated back to the USA, Alpharetta Georgia to be exact. This line of cables will become the starting level for music lovers to experience the qualities that Black Cat Cables are known for…”

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