FLARE JET 1 and JET 2 in-ear headphones are £49 and £69 respectively, much less than the company’s very well received previous models. Janine Elliot checks them out. 

“This was always going to be a tough review for me to do. After all, when one has already listened to one of the best IEM’s out there, in the form of the £349 Flare PRO (and the even-better GOLD at £999 is yet to be reviewed), how can you possibly take a vastly cheaper product from the same firm with equal gravity. At £49 and £69 for the JET 1 and JET 2 respectively, these were none the less just as exciting and for me a complete surprise from this company. As Davies Roberts, CEO of Flare Audio, developed his consumer business from the fledgling R1 headphone, he has built up an understanding of sound pressure build-up in the ears at lower frequencies, and created IEMs that allow you to enjoy the full detail of the music without the pressure to mask detail of the music…”

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