Every once in a while a product comes onto the market that is so obvious and so simple that you can’t help but think “How did I not think of that?”, the KALSU from Kralk Audio is such a product. About six months ago Alan from Kralk contacted me to tell me about this loudspeaker set up doodad and my immediate thoughts were “That’s genius” and “Everyone is going to want it”. 

“So what is KALSU? Basically KALSU (Kralk Audio Laser Set-Up) is a little box you pop on top of your speakers that has a forward pointing battery powered laser and one on each side to enable fast and accurate speaker set up. In the smart carrying case you get a pair of KALSUs, a tape measure and a little spirit level. The tape measure is there to allow you to get the same distances from the walls of your room for each speaker – speak to anyone who treats rooms and they will tell you that a symmetrical room is important to get the best sound at the listening position…”

Read the full review here

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