You may remember that back in 2016 we started a fundraiser to help to buy a new wheelchair for young audiophile and Hifi Pig reader, Ricky Sterling. The crowdfunding raffle was supported amazingly by both the Hifi industry who donated many prizes, and you, our wonderful readers.  The made-to-measure wheelchair was delivered to Ricky in the USA….but many asked, why no follow up story, well until now that is…read on!

Ricky has been a paraplegic nearly his whole life after falling from a 6th floor window when he was just 2 years old. Since 2009, Ricky’s insurance company in the USA were only able to supply him with a very non-manoeuvrable, hospital type wheelchair that was not suited to his needs, this made his life uncomfortable and difficult to say the least. Add to that the fact that the tyres were coming off his chair and you can understand how this impacted on Ricky. (See the first picture)

After the generosity of prize donations from many in the Hifi industry we were able to raise enough money, through the kind contributions of Hifi Pig’s readers, to commission a brand new, bespoke Colours ‘N’ Motion wheelchair for Ricky. (Seen here in production).

So why no update until now? Shortly after Ricky got the new wheelchair he found out that he had cancer.  This resulted in him having his leg amputated and then going through the long process of healing and recovery.  We are really happy to say that Ricky is now doing well.  Ricky wanted to thank all of the Audiophile Community, Hifi Pig readers and Hifi industry people that made it possible for him to get his new chair which he says has “been working out for me beautifully”.

Ricky sent us this picture of him, now thankfully in better health, in his new wheelchair, alongside the old one, we hope you will join us in wishing him the best for the future!  Thank you once again Hifi Pig readers for making this happen!



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