So, you’re in a meeting where you are discussing the name of an all singing, all dancing new product that you plan to announce to the world’s press… at the world’s most prestigious audio event (High End Munich) and someone pipes up “Hey, I know what…let’s call it DAVE”.

Now it’s a very brave person that has the courage to do that in my book and an even braver company that goes along with this suggestion, but that’s exactly what British manufacturer Chord have gone and done. Hifi Pig were at this year’s Munich High End to witness the birth of DAVE. It was a crowded event and the liquid refreshments came in the form of a VERY excitable fizz named Hugo, in honour of the company’s HUGO DAC and headphone amp. As soon as they announced the name of this new DAC I couldn’t get the famous “DAVE’s not here” sketch from Cheech and Chong out of my head.

But Why DAVE I hear you ask!

DAVE is a DAC, digital preamp and headphone amplifier. that is being hand-made in Kent, UK. Chord say that DAVE is based around their proprietary FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) offering more than ten times the program capacity of its predecessor.  More »

Hifi Pig’s coverage of High End Munich 2105 starts today in earnest. Over the next few days we’ll have loads of pictures of High End as well as what we thought of this year’s Munich show. DEVIALET_Munich_high_end_2

You really don’t want to miss this.

Here’s today’s selection from the show.

High End Munich 2015 – The Journey Begins

High End Munich 2015 – Devialet Press Conference

Munich High End 2015 – Bird’s Eye View Part The Intro



2015 : The year High End Munich turned Pink !

So, Stuart has filled you in on our adventures on the way to Munich.


Lin on the right with various members of the esteemed audio press.

We found ourselves at our hotel on Schillerstrasse, just a few minutes walk from the main train station.

At first glance this area is what might be described as ‘a bit dodgy’ ……there a more than a few ‘Gentleman’s Clubs’.

Stuart said that it might be fun to go and dance on a table but I didn’t think the regular clientele would appreciate that very much.

Actually the area is very safe, it’s a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities so it is lively, buzzy and there are lots of great places to eat.

We are really happy with our hotel, the H+ City Centre … the staff are friendly and efficient and the rooms comfortable and clean, we have managed to get ourselves a great base camp for this year’s High End Munich show.

Thursday dawns and after fortifying ourselves with a substantial breakfast we head off on the now familiar S and Ubahn route to the MOC and the show.

Now, we expected to run into lots of people that we know at the show this year but we were just not prepared for the overwhelming response that Hifi Pig got at the show …it seemed that everyone knew us.

This really was the year the High End show turned Hifi Pig Pink!

By the time we had checked our coats in we had already run into Norbert of Lehmann Audio and Armin from Avantgarde Acoustics but we have to dash for the first of many meetings with promises of meeting up later.

After the first appointment, which is the Devialet press conference (more from Stu on that later) we get the chance to really see some of the show proper.

My first impressions are that this is going to be a really big one.

There seem to be a lot of new (or new to me ) brands which I find very exciting …I always think that discovering something new at a show is one of the best bits, but I also love seeing what my favourite established brands have brought to the party.

Stay tuned for Bird’s Eye Views  a’plenty!

Read all our High End 2015 coverage in one place



It’s always an early one the Devialet press conference on the first day of High End Munich, but it’s always worth dragging your weary arse out of your comfy bed and making the effort to attend and this year was no exception. Now, we live in la Belle France and so we know that the “breakfast” the French provide will be a not unwelcome cup of coffee and a croissant or pain au chocolat and so we filled our faces at the hotel buffet and then made our way to the event…but then who can resist another tasty mouthful and a cuppa when it’s there…certainly not family Hifi Pig.

Many of the great and good had managed to make it including Alan Sircom, Jason from Stereophile and Stephen Rochlin and his wife Heather from Enjoy The Music (all whom were excellent company). I think the highlight of this year’s Munich High End for Lin was when the aforementioned Jason declared Lin “The best dressed press person he had ever encountered”…I think you have a friend for life there Jason.DEV4

Anyway, breakfast over we made our way to the terraces of the Devialet room and were treated to what this exciting and forward thinking French company had by way of innovation in store for us…and we were not disappointed! More »

There’s always a certain excitement in the run up to Munich High End and this year was no different in that respect. For weeks (months actually) Mrs Hifi Pig (Lin) has had the train and plane BUSKERSCWLOGOtickets booked and has managed to wind herself into a fever of anticipation. We did the journey a little differently this year and instead of getting to Paris and taking the “cattle class” overnight train to Munich we got to Paris and flew the rest of the journey.


The omens were good that this year would be a fabulous extravaganza of music and hifi when on the train to Charles De Gaulle a group of Spanish (or perhaps Italian) buskers got on and treated us to some great tunes.

Now, Terminal 1 at Charles De Gaulle is not the most salubrious of places and so please take note Mr Boss Of The Airport, a skanky sandwich that looks like it’s been sat in the display cabinet for the last millennium does not the weary traveler satisfy… we were forced to sate our hunger (OK thirst) with the regulatory buckets of tepid wine.

Not that this experience was all bad…I witnessed what must qualify as the most proficient and expert chat up of a young woman that I’ve ever seen. I’ll set the scene…body guard and heavily tattooed American rapper (I’m presuming here, but he was wearing “rap clothes” and a gold chain that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the front end of an ocean liner with an anchor on the end) walk into the lounge, body guard walks up to the bar/”refreshment” area and orders drinks and snacks. Whilst all this is happening our rapper friend (OK, he could have been a classical musician on the way to perform in Stuttgart, but I really don’t think so) makes a beeline for a stunning looking lady, mutters something to her and awaits her response which comes quickly as “I can’t speak, I have to fly now”. Undeterred our hero follows her to the seat she’s escaped to uttering “There’s no need to be afraid of me baby doll” ….then within perhaps twenty seconds they are exchanging telephone numbers, the gate opens and they board their flight to Stuttgart…I’d have loved to have known how that ended out. More »

Successor to the BBC’s old LS5/8 monitor loudspeaker, Harbeth’s new incarnation launched at the Munich High End has improvements on all fronts over the 1970s’ two-way and said to be a Harbeth402_01JH_munich_high_endsignificant upgrade to the Monitor 40.1 model.

“The three-way Monitor 40 solved the inadequacies of that old BBC model, which attempted to force a 12-inch polypropylene bass unit to behave as a midrange as well.” says Harbeth’s Alan Shaw, “An idea doomed from the start; no wonder BBC engineers struggled with the LS5/8’s  weird sonic balance.”

The Harbeth design has now been upgraded to a new generation with a totally revised crossover and increased sensitivity.

“The M40.2 is more sensitive, more efficient, works with small amplifiers, has greater power handing, creates a more open and transparent sound – its three drive units are perfectly integrated and the whole experience even more engaging and, as always, sweet and clean”, adds Alan Shaw.

Therefore, the new model is as happy in both broadcast studios and home listening rooms, straight out of the carton. All this thanks to a ground-up redesign of the crossover network, using the latest software simulation tools and measuring systems. Production is due to begin shortly at Harbeth’s Sussex factory. The expected UK retail price will be around £12,000 for cherry veneer.

The new model is on display at the Harbeth stand in Munich (Hall 3, F12) where a new, bespoke range of Bavarian-designed and built stands will also be unveiled.



DigiBit is introducing today at Hi-End Munich two new products: wamp a wireless streamer and power amplifier and aria mc, a media centre. WAM


wamp is a computer audio device, and the first to market to combine such technologies as a wireless power amplifier and wireless media streamer. wamp seamlessly converts your preferred passive loudspeakers into active and wireless using a non-intrusive and unique solution.

wamp consists of a pair of mono block power amplifiers which use Class-D technology with volume control, each rated at 100W. Each is styled as a plinth, designed to act as a support for floor standing loudspeakers, thereby converting any loudspeaker in to an  active wireless hifi system. Using Airplay™ users can stream music up to 24bits-48KHz and up to 24bits-192KHz via Wi-Fi 802.11ac, for added convenience Bluetooth 4.0 support is also provided. wamp also supports wireless and wired LAN up to 24bits-192KHz and DSD as a DLNA renderer. A stereo 2 x 50W bookshelf wamp model will also be available for customers using shelf mounted loudspeakers.

To complete the feature list of wamp, it also comes with a built in 32bit- 384HKz and DSD64/128/256 compatible DAC.

wamp will be available in Q3 2015. Price to be announced later.

aria mc 

The new aria mc (media center) is the response to customer demand to introduce a low-cost yet powerful media centre with many of the attributes of the aria music server series. It has hi res support for PCM and DSD music, aria mc also incorporates support for High Definition video and pictures.

aria mc streams audio, video and pictures from the internet, PC, Mac, iOS and Android portable devices and smart phones as well as from any attached hard disk, NAS or other networked device.

It also has the ability to connect your preferred device to aria mc via Bluetooth™ 4.0, Airplay™ or DLNA™ to stream content in hi-res.

aria mc connects either to Blu-Ray players like OPPO™ via HDMI and USB (OPPO 105 DAC) to play audio and video in hi-res and HD, or to an A/V receiver via its HDMI input. aria mc comes with 2 LAN ports that facilitate the connection to your network and another device.

aria mc supports the latest audio formats in PCM (up to 32bits-384KHz) and DSD (64/128/256) both in stereo and multichannel.

aria mc includes 16GB SSD for the OS and its software, for your media library different versions are available from a diskless to 2TB, 4TB and 6TB HDDs.

The free apps for iPad™/iPhone™ and Android™ control aria mc with our acclaimed easy-to-use GUI, enabling you to listen to music via your aria mc without having to turn-on your TV. Additionally, the unique content streaming to iPad™/iPhone™ and Android™ devices feature allows you to enjoy your media library from any place at home. Last but not least, aria mc supports multi-room streaming to Airplay and DLNA compatible devices.

aria mc will be available in Q3 2015. Price to be announced later.



During High End 2015, Joseph Audio will show for the first time in Europe the new Joseph Prism loudspeakers. According to Jeff Joseph, the company’s President and Design Engineer, “The Joseph_high_end_munichPrism is a compact monitor that thinks it’s a big speaker!”

The new Prism borrows several technologies from its famous “big brother” – The Pulsar. It combines a dual section dome tweeter that delivers “smooth and cleanly defined treble, along with a super duty woofer with incredible throw for deep powerful bass”.
“The Prism offers about 80% of the sound quality of the Class A ranked Pulsars at less than half the price. It’s an exciting addition to the Joseph Audio family not only in terms of performance, but in terms of value as well.”

The US Suggested Retail Price is $3699/pair.

Joseph Audio is in Halle 4 , Booth C 17.



Launching at the High End Show in Munich (14th – 17th May), the brand new R-Series 2000 from T+A, sees significant updates and new thinking behind one of the company’s most respectedR-Series-2000-Group product lines. Designed from the ground up and utilising much of the technology developed for the company’s HV Series, the new R-Series promises exceptional sound quality in a diminutive package.

The new R-series is a brand new development, and for this reason, the models bear new type numbers: 2000 R for the low-profile cases and 2500 R for the taller models. At present, the series consists of the PA 2000 R Integrated Amplifier (£4,204.00), the large PA 2500 R Integrated Amplifier (£5,577.00), the MP 2000 R Multi-source player (£4,204.00) and the G 2000 R Turntable (3,432.00 (MM) and £4,719.00 (MC)). Further products are already in development, including the P 2000 R Pre Amplifier and A 2000 R Power Amplifier, which will be launched later in 2015.

PA 2000 R Integrated Amplifier – £4,204.00 inc VAT

The amplifier stands only 8.2 cm tall, the PA 2000 R features linear output stages with very low negative feedback and a new power supply. The result is that the PA 2000 R can deliver a continuous power of more than 180 Watts per channel into 4 Ohm loudspeakers.

Gas-tight gold-contact relays are employed to switch loudspeakers, inputs and internal signal circuits. Separate tone controls are present for each channel and they and the Loudness function can be by-passed completely. When used in a home cinema, the PS 2000 R can be set to Surround Pass Through mode, selected by a trigger signal.

The rear panel offers three balanced (XLR) inputs, three RCA inputs, a pre-amplifier output (RCA) and heavy-duty speaker terminals machined from ultra-pure non-magnetic brass. An optional audiophile phono pre-amplifier module for MM or MC can be fitted internally if required. A high-quality headphone socket is also fitted to the front panel – allowing for personal use when needed.

PA 2500 R Integrated Amplifier – £5,577.00 inc VAT

Twice the height of the PA 2500 R, the PA 2500 R integrated amplifier exceeds the specification of the PA 2000 R in many areas, but in terms of sound quality, it retains the same dynamism and cultured sound quality. Although the circuit board layouts are identical, the heat-sinks are twice the size and the case accommodates two new high-performance power supply units, with the result that it can deliver more than 260 Watts of continuous power per channel into 4 Ohm loudspeakers.

The PA 2500 R is also fitted with three balanced XLR inputs (of which one can be configured as Surround Pass Through), four RCA inputs, balanced XLR and single ended RCA pre-amplifier outputs and two pairs of loudspeaker outputs with heavy-duty terminals machined from ultra-pure non-magnetic brass with rhodium-plated contact surfaces. A high-quality headphone amplifier is also included with the 1/4 “ socket mounted on the front panel.

MP 2000 R DAC / Network Client – £4,204.00 inc. VAT

The MP 2000 R DAC / Network Client may appear to be a classic CD player at first glance but in fact delivers every digital music format available in the highest possible quality.

The onboard DAC converts PCM signals up to 384 kSps with the help of the quadruple converter – another in-house T+A development – and DSD files up to DSD 256. As well as housing a CD mechanism, the multi-source player also includes a digital tuner offering FM, FM-HD and DAB+ reproduction, a Bluetooth streaming module for receiving music from mobile devices, a streaming client with internet radio for connection to the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming plus a digital connecting board with inputs for external sources (2 USB device modes and 4 HD-S/P-DIF).

G2000 R Turntable – £3,432.00 (MM) and £4,719.00 (MC)

T&A has introduced the G2000 R turntable into its new range. Developed from its predecessor, the G1260, further enhancements have been made, with the edition of a drive motor that is said to be completely consistent and smooth running along with improved damping to eradicate any mechanical sound. The G 2000 R comes fitted with a modified pressure-cast aluminium tone arm made by Rega and is fitted with the Ortofon 2M Bronze moving magnet system as standard. A High-End version featuring a Clearaudio Carbon-2 tone arm and MC-2 moving coil cartridge is also available. If required, T+A’s PH G10 phono pre-amplifier module can be fitted in to the turntable chassis itself.

All four models will be available in the UK from late June 2015



Following their successful launch at the Sound and Vision Show Bristol in February 2015 and Clarity Alliance award for ‘Innovation’, Entotem have announced their attendance at the upcomingEntotem_plato_munich_high_end High End Show in Munich 14-17 May 2015.

Entotem Ltd is a high technology company founded in 2013 with a vision to design and develop a multimedia home entertainment system which integrates both high resolution audio amplification and high definition video.

The company’s vision was a system that combines the ability to convert, play and record analogue (vinyl) music with a high resolution audio, video and internet streaming service supported by an innovative Android operating system.

Four music-loving entrepreneurs and additional shareholders have invested heavily into developing Plato, a high-specification home entertainment system which will revolutionise the streaming and enjoyment of music and video in the home.

This new system connects with existing HiFi equipment such as vinyl record, cassette and CD players, TVs, and DVD, Blu-ray and video players. Plato automatically records from legacy analogue devices and then replays at the highest quality – enabling record, CD, video and DVD collections to be stored together, in just one place.

Entotem MD Martin Boddy touches on Plato’s innovative features. “This is a unique premium product with the potential to be a game changer. Plato re-imagines home entertainment and represents more than 10 man-years of research and development.

“Designed as a media management system, it complements the equipment already in the home and particularly enables people with a record collection to enjoy their music with more flexibly and at a high resolution of far superior quality to the alternatives currently available.

“Plato has in-built track recognition while recording with a touch screen, and shows the track, and even album, artwork. Music can also be compressed into an MP3 and played in the car.
“The ability to store Blu-rays and DVDs effectively makes this a movie library, and using industry standard protocols, it is possible to stream your music and video around the home, to devices you probably already own, maximising connectivity.”

Plato by Entotem can be viewed in Hall 3 Booth J11



Danish company TP Tube are participating at this year’s High End fair in Munich.TP200_1-445x455

They will be located in Hall 3, booth # J10 – where their classic series (TP160, TP300 and TP500), will be available. But their big focus will be on their TP200, the new one-point-speaker / Soundbar.



Estelon will have their flagship speaker “Extreme” on dem at this year’s Munich High End event. The speakers will be driven by Soulution amps.estelon-extreme

The full system will comprise of:

Loudspeakers: Estelon Extreme

Monoamplifiers: Soulution 701

Preamplifier: Soulution 725

SACD player: Soulution 746

Cabling: Kubala Sosna Elation

Equipment Rack: Crytical Mass Systems

There will be demos and hourly presentations by Estelon designer Alfred and his daughter and business partner Alissa.

Booth: Atrium 4, F216



IsoTek have chosen Munich High End 2015 to launch their new single cell, mains sine wave generation system. This new product builds upon the company’s power sine wave generation Isotek_logosystem that features in the Genesis and Mosaic Genesis. The discrete profile measures just 75 x 120 x 470mm and delivers 100W of mains power.

IsoTek’s sister company Blue Horizon will also launch their Professional Rack System.

Hall 3, Stand K13



Townshend Audio’s Max Townshend will be explaining through short presentations just how important it is to isolate Hi-Fi components, especially loud-speakers from ground-borne vibrations.townshend_supertweeter_compact_disc

Townshend have been working to measure the phenomenon and will be presenting their results over the weekend at the High End Munich. show.

The team will be on hand to provide the best advice for you.

Townshend will be in Halle 2 M09/NO6

On show:

The full Seismic Isolation range .

Maximum Supertweeters

The Allegri preamp

Rock 7 turntable + Excalibur tone-arm + Merlin power supply

On demonstration :

The Seismic Podium,


Win a pair of Townshend Maximum Supertweeters worth £899!



Tellurium Q will be exhibiting at this year’s Munich High End show with Monaco’s Sound Galleries in Halle 4 Room D33.TQ_Munich_High_End

The British cable manufacturer will be showcasing its new Silver Diamond cables that we at Hifi Pig have already been lucky enough to hear…in fact they are in the system at this very moment.



Tannoy will be rocking this year’s Munich High-End audio show with three new floorstanding loudspeakers. The Revolution XT 8F is the flagship of the new Revolution XT series, boasting the Tannoy_high_end_munich200mm (8.00in) version of the all new Omnimagnet Dual Concentric driver with matching 200mm bass driver in Revolution’s signature trapezoid cabinet. This latest iteration features twin-cavity port loading and a downward firing port for deep bass and easy room placement.

Building on the strength of the Definition series, the high efficiency Definition DC10Ti  with its contemporary curved cabinet, 250mm (10.00”) Dual Concentric driver and mass-loaded stabilising plinth is set to catch the eye as well as the ear of Munich visitors.

For traditionalists no High End Show would be complete without a Tannoy Prestige model. This year’s Prestige will be the Limited Edition Turnberry GR with its Alnico Dual, custom crossover and unique LE trim. Tannoy will also be displaying the entire revolution XT series, the Definition DC8Ti, Limited Edition Precision models and an exciting new finish option for the mighty Kingdom Royal.



At the High End Show 2015 in Munich Norwegian high end cable manufacturer will show and give auditions with their new upgraded audio cable product lines. The cables have been upgradedSkogrand_high_end_munich with increased flexibility, easy installation and handling, enhanced durability, redesigned inner frameworks and general cosmetic enhancements.

They will also be introducing their new SCD Grieg digital interconnects 75 Ohm and AES/EBU 110 Ohm.

Knut from Skogrand says they will be bringing their top of the line cables, the SC and SCI Beethoven cables, to the show together with the SC and SCI Tchaikovsky, SCAC Wagner, SC Ravel and SC Brahms models.

Skogrand will be co-exhibiting with ModWright, Tune Audio and VPI in room E215 Atrium 4 2nd floor.



French manufacturer Amadeus is previewing a ‘Hi-Fi’ model of their new ‘Philharmonia’ speakers at the ‘High End’ Show in Munich. The Company expects to release the Hi-Fi model of the newAmadeus_high_end_munich Philharmonia reference speakers in Q4 of 2015, with pricing to be announced soon. Amadeus can be found at the High End Show in Halle 3 J05/K08.

The new ‘Philharmonia’ 2-way, self-powered speakers feature a 28-mm soft-domed tweeter and a handmade 8-inch woofer. The ‘Philharmonia’ comprises a line level input with a customised analogue integrated tone control system.

The speakers were designed by Amadeus’ Michel DELUC, who has designed speakers over the past 30 years, along with French architect Jean Nouvel, who created the Philharmonie de Paris building, home to the Paris Symphony Orchestra and the custom recording studios, that feature the first sets of the new ‘studio version’ of the Amadeus Philharmonia speakers.

The ‘studio’ version of the Philharmonia speakers were unveiled at the Prolight + Sound Expo in Frankfurt in April, 2015.

Bernard BYK, co-founder and CEO of Amadeus, says, “Imagine a reference sound reinforcement system, adapted to the dimension of this architectural gem, with exceptional design, ergonomics and acoustics is a kind of consecration! Jean Nouvel’s imagination, exuberance and creative genius brought a brilliant solution, beyond the original specifications. Amadeus especially praises tradition. Combining innovation and timeless beauty, this system, christened ‘Philharmonia’, embodies the know-how, the creativity and the values on which we have been building our History for more than 35 years.”

Gaetan BYK, Marketing Manager at Amadeus, continues describing the genesis of the Philharmonia speakers, “This project, under the direction of Jean Nouvel, is the result of a unique collaboration between professionals with talents, sensitivities and careers, both original, and complementary. They have achieved an amazingly transparent sound as well as a stunning look with Philharmonia. We have been pursuing this quest for ultimate timbral neutrality, along with musicians, recording engineers and artists who use our products, for a very long time. Now we can bring this result to the Hi-Fi community. We look forward to the reactions at the High End Show in Munich.”



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